My Fostering Village Includes My FPSS Coordinator!


My Fostering Village includes my FPSS Coordinator By Judy Hollywood Bonnett Foster parents have backgrounds and experiences as varied as the children and families they serve. As a skilled foster parent, you embody the best in child-centred parenting and personal self-care. You are capable, competent, and collaborative. You’ve taken on a staggering task and prepared [...]

My Fostering Village Includes My FPSS Coordinator!2019-10-22T13:34:52-07:00

I use the F word


I Use The F Word By Janet Christie Yup, I use the F word. Family. The word holds different meanings to people based on experience, and if you have parented (and then grand parented) then your definition of family has likely evolved. I know mine certainly has. My case in point… When I was eighteen, [...]

I use the F word2018-12-14T10:26:28-08:00
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