Foster Family Spring Paint-In

Welcome to the Foster Family Spring Paint-in!

This recording will be available until March 31st 2021.

You can play, stop, forward, and rewind the video anytime until March 31st.

Supply List:

– rectangle, any size. One panel or framed canvas per participant. (Dollar store often has inexpensive panel canvases)

– Square head brush  ¼” to ½” width. For larger canvases, use ½” and for smaller canvases use ¼”
– Round head medium brush
– Square or Round tip small brush for details if desired.

– Acrylic paint suggested in the following colors: Blue, White, Green. Small amount of Red, Yellow, Black

Plate or Palette for paints (can use disposable plate or cover a plate with saran wrap)

Disposable table cloth or newspaper to protect work area

Paper towels or rags for cleaning brushes and any paint or water spills

Water cup (suggest repurposing a disposable plastic container)



Supplies are also reviewed at the start of video.