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Protocol Support Program Fact Sheet

What is Protocol Support?

 Purpose of the Program:

The purpose of the Protocol Support Program is to provide support to foster parents who are going through the Protocol Process or engaged in a serious disagreement with Ministry staff.

Who are Protocol Support Workers?

Protocol Support Workers are experienced foster parents who have been approved and had special training and knowledge about the process foster parents become involved with when an allegation is made against them or they are in a dispute with the Ministry. They can provide information or answer questions; they can attend interviews, take notes if requested and ensure that the foster parent requesting their assistance does not go through this process alone.

Protocol Support Workers are:

  • Available to listen to your concerns and provide you with information and or suggestions.
  • Familiar with foster care policies, all kinds of investigations and the procedures used. Committed to helping you work with Ministry staff by providing support, clarifying issues, and ensuring that you get the information you need within the timeframes.
  • Recognized as credible liaisons between foster parents and social workers. Sworn to protect your privacy.

What are the types of issues that Protocol Support Workers may help with?

Protocol Support Workers may be able to assist you in 3 areas:

  1. When an allegation is made that a child in your care may be abused or neglected.
  2. When there is a concern about the quality of care a child in your care may be receiving.
  3. When you are having a disagreement with Ministry staff and need support in resolving it.

What else can a Protocol Support Worker do?

  • Help you understand what will happen
  • Help ensure the investigation or review is fair and conducted with as little disruption to your family as possible
  • Help you present the facts and your situation in an investigation
  • Provide support to you without judging you
  • Help keep lines of communication open between you, the social workers, the investigators and other interested parties
  • Tell you about your choices, help that is available, your rights, including the right to appeal
  • Support you and your family emotionally
  • Work through the process with you to help ensure that foster children continue to be placed in your home if the allegation is unfounded or overturned on appeal.

Who do you call?

  • Because these issues are usually stressful and can have a devastating effect on foster parents, do not allow the situation to reach a point of crisis.
  • Call for a Protocol Support Worker as soon as possible.
  • They are available in different parts of Vancouver Island.
  • All you have to do is call Foster Parent Support Services Society at: 1-888-922-8437

Support Worker Contact Information

Your FPSS Society Coordinator can arrange for a support person to help you through a Protocol Investigation.
The support person can answer your questions, attend any interviews with you, and give you information about the investigation.


Support Team Contacts

South Island
Janet Christie 778-430-5459

Central Island
Diane Burrows 250-723-9779

Upper Island
Jill Beech  250-898-7158

Mission Statement

The FPSS Foster Parent Support Services Society is a Grass Roots organization committed to
providing meaningful and accessible support, education and networking services which will continually enhance the skills and abilities of foster parents to deliver the best care possible to the children in their homes.


145 - 735 Goldstream Ave
Victoria, BC V9B 2X4
Tel: 1-888-922-8437 (toll free) Fax: 778-430-5463
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