Complaints & Concerns

Complaint Process: 

This FPSS Society is in complete agreement, and compliance with the existing “BC Ministry of Children and Family Development Complaint Process”. The principles the Ministry has cited in this document will be adhered to and used as the Society’s essential credo.

The FPSS Society understands, agrees with, and is committed to the following:

  • Contractors from whom the ministry purchases services must be guided by the ministry’s complaints policy and the client dispute mechanisms outlined in relevant accreditation standards.
  • Contractors dispute mechanisms must meet or exceed the standard of the ministry’s complaints process.
  • Contractor compliance with the ministry’s complaints policy will be included in the ministry’s standard contracts.
  • Contractors must ensure that their clients have access to information about any complaints procedures they have, as well as the ministry’s complaints process.
  • Contractors may not make complaints relating to specific services they are contracted to deliver. They may bring concerns about client service to the attention of appropriate ministry staff and may encourage and aid clients in utilizing the ministry’s complaints process and/or in seeking an advocate or other supports. They may advocate for any clients in respect to services they are not contracted to deliver.

Generally, in accordance with the principle of local resolution, contractors shall attempt to resolve any client concerns about their services brought to their attention.

If the contractor is not able to resolve the concern with the complainant, the complaint must be referred to the region's designated complaint reviewer for further review.

Complainants who have not attempted local resolution with a contractor prior to contacting the designated complaints reviewer will be encouraged to attempt local resolution with the contractor before making a formal complaint.”

The FPSS Society recognizes that quality assurance, accountability and openness are fundamental to our success. We are committed to best practices and strive at all times for quality improvement.

The FPSS Society will:

  • provide the foster parents, (and the Ministry) of the Vancouver Island Region with quality service;
  • be receptive to caregiver feedback; and
  • address complaints and conflicts; review our actions and decisions in order to provide the best practice to caregivers.

The FPSS Society will seek to prevent complaints and conflicts by establishing and maintaining open, receptive lines of communication with caregivers and the Ministry by utilizing participative, cooperative approaches to accomplish even-handed solutions.

The FPSS Society will:

  • publish material about the organization’s Complaints Process, and ensure that it is readily available to all caregivers so they may pursue their complaint.
  • provide information about the Ministry’s Complaints Process so they may pursue their complaint with the Ministry if they are not satisfied with the resolution provided by our internal process.
  • ensure the Ministry is aware of complaints the Organization has received about their contracted services via a written report re: complaint – process – resolution – outcome.

All complaints will immediately be directed to the Executive Director for possible resolution. The Executive Director will ensure the Chairperson and

Board of Directors is made aware of the complaint, and report on the progress of resolution / outcome.

If the complaint cannot be resolved internally to the complainant’s satisfaction, the complainant will be formally notified of the Ministry’s Complaints Process.


  • Fair, equitable, resolution to complaints / conflicts
  • Caregivers are provided with a responsive, open complaint process which ensures their concerns are heard, given consideration, and addressed
  • Ministry is provided with meaningful feedback re: Client service satisfaction


The Organization maintains a complaint process by which a foster parent can file a complaint, or appeal a decision made by the Organization. As a result of using the complaint process, foster parents will not suffer any retaliation or barriers to service.

  1. When a conflict presents itself, the foster parent is advised to speak directly to the person involved. If they are uncomfortable doing this, they should proceed to step 3.
  2. The foster parent should contact the Executive Director in writing. This can be done via email or by completing the complaint form. The Executive Director will contact the foster parent within seven (7) working days to resolve the conflict.
  3. If the issue cannot be resolved, or the resolution is unsatisfactory, the foster parent, as a final internal step, may present a Formal Complaint to the Board of Directors. The Formal Complaint must be in writing. The Board will address the Formal Complaint at the next board meeting and sent the foster parent their decision within seven (9) business days of that meeting.
  4. As a final step, if the complaint cannot be resolved internally, the foster parent will be formally notified of the Ministry’s Complaints Process.


What issues can complaints be made about?

  • being treated with respect and dignity
  • fairness
  • sensitivity to a culture
  • telling you what to expect in your dealings with the FPSS Society
  • eligibility for or access to FPSS Society services

The fastest and easiest way to try to solve a problem…

First, you can try to work out your concerns with the FPSSS staff  who made the decision you are unhappy with. Phone, fax or visit the FPSSS office to discuss your concerns with the Executive Director to try to solve the problem. This is usually the quickest, easiest way to try to solve a problem.

If you still have concerns or choose not to use the above approach…

You can use the ministry's formal Complaints Process. If you didn't first try to solve the problem by talking it over with the agency that made the decision, the Complaints Manager may suggest you try that first, before you make a formal complaint. This is often the best way to resolve your concerns.  Ask your Area Coordinator or local MCFD Resources office for contact information for the Ministry’s Complaint Manager.

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The FPSS Foster Parent Support Services Society is a Grass Roots organization committed to
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