Happy Foster Family Month

Foster Family Appreciation October 2015


Once again we celebrate Foster Family Appreciation and struggle to find the words to express the depth of our admiration, respect, and gratitude for the work done by foster parents on Vancouver Island. You welcome children and youth into your home during the darkest times of their lives. Fostering is not a job, it's a calling...a calling that requires everything you have, your heart, your time, your patience, and your faith that what you are doing makes a difference. It does.

We also recognize the contribution of biological and adopted children of foster parents who welcome children in care into their families. They share their home, their parents, and their belongings with these temporary brothers and sisters.
Here are a few things to add to your To-Do List

  •  Take part in the celebration events happening in your area.
  •  Let people thank you in the best way they can. This may be in the form of words, flowers, or simply helping with the dishes.
  •  Take a moment just for you.
  •  Thank a fellow foster parent for the work he or she does.
  •  Take a moment to remember the ones who have come and gone and a special moment you shared. Rest assured, they remember too.
  •  Remember that you make the world a better place.


Foster Parent Appeciation Star Fish Story 2015

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