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On March 5th, 2015, BCFFPA delivered workshops on the Foster Parent Insurance Rider. As a foster parent, it is important that you understand your rights and responsibilities regarding insurance. FPSS Society is distributing information that will help you understand these rights and responsibilities.

For Foster Parents who were not able to attend the workshops here is a previous Webinar for you to view: BCFFPA and Megson Fitzpatrick Foster Parent Rider Insurance Webinar

Please see attached three new documents about Rider Insurance
Rider Insurance Overview
Rider Insurance Certificate Program for purchased Rider coverage
Rider Insurance Certificate Program for purchased Rider coverage

If you have any questions about Insurance for Foster Parents please contact
BCFFPA 1-800-663-9999 and for additional information please visit

Reminder: To always contact your Resource Social Worker regarding insurance damage on any situation in your home.

Please see below insert from Foster Family Handbook Page 53.

Household and Tenant Insurance

All Family Care Homes must have household insurance; it is a requirement of their agreement with the ministry. The BCFFPA is funded to provide two types of home insurance coverage for foster families:

  • One policy automatically provides all foster parents with third-party liability insurance related to carrying out their foster care responsibilities. (Third-party liability insurance covers you if someone else makes a claim against you for unintentional bodily injury or property damage.) This insurance provides coverage regardless of what your own home insurance provides.
  • The other policy is a rider to your own home insurance, administered by the BCFFPA for all foster homes in the province. It extends your coverage to include theft of or damage to your property caused by a child in care. If such damage or theft occurs, the deductible on the policy may be reimbursed. If you don't already have household insurance, you should discuss this with your resource social worker. For details on the two types of insurance coverage offered by the BCFFPA for all approved foster parents contact the BCFFPA, or consult the links below for more detailed information:

Master Insurance Policy
Master Insurance Program
BC Human Rights Tribunal Decision
Link to the MCFD Publications List which includes the latest MIP Certificates

Please refer to your copy or online PDF copy of the Foster Family Handbook Page 53.
As well as visiting the BCFFPA website

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