Foster Parents Eligible: Temporary Education Support

Temporary Education Support for Eligible Parents (Foster Parents)
The Ministry of Finance has announced the Temporary Education Support for Parents to help with learning and supervision during the labour disruption.

The registration form for the Temporary Education Support for Parents is now available online. Foster parents are eligible for the support if they meet the other eligibility requirements.

What is the purpose of the Temporary Education Support for Parents?
The purpose of the support payment is to help ease the impact if public schools are closed in September due to the labour disruption. The payment is meant to help parents with the added cost of learning and supervision.

Who is eligible to receive the payment?
The parent or the primary caregiver, who we will refer to as the parent, of eligible students 12 years old and under attending B.C. public schools is eligible to receive the payment.

Who is a primary caregiver?
The primary caregiver is the person responsible for the day to day care and upbringing of the student for the majority of the time. While usually the parent, a primary caregiver could also be a:

  • step-parent
  • legal guardian
  • adoptive parent, including a parent that hasn't yet completed the adoption process but the student lives with them
  • foster parent
  • family member who normally cares for the student, such as a grandparent
  • host parent for international students
  • caregiver under a temporary custody arrangement

For more information and to register for the support visit:

Please contact: 1-877-387-3332 or 250-387-3332

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