Starts Sept 9th – 12 day online resource for families living with FASD

As a Parent of a Child with FASD, wouldn’t it be nice to get your hands on essential tips and ideas from experts with the latest research, without leaving the comfort of your home? And how reassuring would it be if those experts also happened to be parents of children with FASD themselves? Who knows better than people like you who walk in the same shoes you do, right?

Well now you can! In this exciting, new initiative we have specially invited an international panel of 22 speakers from 7 countries, 15 of whom have both raised children with FASD and have professional careers in areas related to FASD.

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To hear our experts speak, you would usually need to attend an FASD conference. However, now there is an easier way through something called a telesummit, which is like a mini-conference on FASD. Each day of the "Living With FASD 2013 Summit" will have two expert interviews that you can watch or listen to on your computer, or you can download the MP3 versions of each interview (along with transcripts). This summit starts on September 9th, which is International FASD Awareness Day, and runs for 12 days.

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To round out our exciting panel, we have included three adults with FASD, one of whom is a professional musician. These adults will talk about the typical challenges they faced in their life growing up, along with the best strategies that helped them cope and succeed. Best of all, these experts will share tons of practical tips with you (from their professional and personal experience) that you can put into daily practice to make life easier with your own kids!

Take advantage of this ground breaking telesummit. Sign up now to take advantage of all this practical advice, inspiration and information that can help your life and your kid's life easier!

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Let's work together to make a difference that will last for generations to come,

David & the Living With FASD team

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