Best Care Fund

FPSS Society has received a generous donation from an anonymous donor. These funds are to be used for extraordinary expenses not typically covered by MCFD or Delegated Agency, but may be in partnership, such as graduation, drivers training, specialized camps, band trips, etc. that foster children may not be able to participate in due to financial restraints. Please note this does not include any items or services that are the responsibility of the Guardian. (example: medical or dental). The Best Care Fund Subsidy is a onetime only fund for foster children.

Please note that there are enough funds for approximately 20 successful applicants for the entire island. These funds will go quickly and must be applied for exactly as per the attached instructions. This includes applicants MUST provide proof of having applied for funding through MCFD or Delegated Agency and have letter or email of denial or partial funding and a breakdown of the cost sharing involved.

To access the application form, please click here.

Any questions, or if you need assistance filling out the linked application form, please contact:

FPSS Society Regional Office
145-735 Goldstream Avenue, Victoria, BC V9B 2X4 or 1-888-922-8437

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Mission Statement

The FPSS Foster Parent Support Services Society is a Grass Roots organization committed to
providing meaningful and accessible support, education and networking services which will continually enhance the skills and abilities of foster parents to deliver the best care possible to the children in their homes.


145 - 735 Goldstream Ave
Victoria, BC V9B 2X4
Tel: 1-888-922-8437 (toll free) Fax: 778-430-5463
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